Saturday, 31 December 2011

A few xmas items & NYE plans

First I wanted to share a few gifts I got for xmas. I'm very grateful to my family and friends as I realise I am very difficult to buy for as I never want anything!

First up is this aztec cardigan from Miso at Republic that my best friend got me. It was a real surprise actually as I didn't expect her to get me anything like that at all but its really lovely and very warm!

My mum also got me this underwear set with reindeers on from Matalan. I wanted it when I first saw it and couldn't find my size. Eventually I did get it and it fits perfectly but my mum got me one too as she didn't realise I already had one. Its a very comfortable and well fitting bra but as its on;y cheap it probably wont last long in the wash so glad I have a back-up!

My boyfriend got me this Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet. Its fantastic and will be really good for my design work. So far though I have only messed about putting a moustache on photos of myself and that kind of thing!

This may not seem like a very exciting gift but I love it. My dad gave me a Colurworks melamine mixing bowl with some silicone baking tools. I really enjoy baking but I didn't have a proper mixing bowl so I'm really please I have my own now. I also treated myself to some funky digital scale so I can be a bit more accurate when mixing my ingredients now!

Finally, wanted to share my outfit for NYE. I am going to a Black and White ball in a local restaurant. It's not very ballgown-y but I think I would feel too self-conscious in something over the top so I went for this dress from New Look. The picture doesn't look that good but I can assure you it is far better in real life. Maybe I will get a picture before I go out!

What are your NYE plans?

Alyssa xx

Monday, 19 December 2011

Black and White Ball

For the first time in many years I actually have somewhere to go on NYE! We decided to go a black and white ball at a local fancy indian resaurant, there will be cocktails, buffet and dancing. The idea is that the whole place is decorated in black and white and everyone wears black and white so it was the perfect opportunity to go online window for a new dress and here is what I came up with:

I'm not really a fan of one shoulder dresses but I think this is very elegant and is glamorous enough for a ball. Its from the Lipsy VIP collection so is a bit out of my budget at £130.

I found a couple of suitable ones on River Island's website and this one I particularly liked as I really like lace bodycons but this is more glamorous as it is a midi length.

This is another midi dress from River Island and its more white than black and even though I like it, it reminds me of a summer holiday dress a bit too much.

I'm not sure if this dress would suit me, as I think it would be too pale on me but I think it is quite classy and would look good with black tights and some patent shoes.

This dress is very similar to the whiet one above but I like the cape detail at the back, I think it is really unusual. I think it may be too short for me though.

This is taking the blacka nd white theme very simplistically. I quite like the pleated skirt effect but the neckline is a bit too high and it isn't really suitable for a ball I don't think!

I think this is probably my favourite, as it is a bit more modest than a mini dress but wouldn't swamp me like a maxi dress could. Its also more reasonably priced from Miss selfridge at under £40. I like the gold detailed belt even though it doesn''t fit with the theme, but I don't think anyone would notice!

Which is your favourite? Or can you find anything else more suitable?

Alyssa xx

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Blog Sale: Handmade Gifts

Got a few bits and bobs left over after the craft fairs I have done this month. All pictures can be found on my facebook page:

P&P is a flat rate of £1.99 no matter how much you buy so you might as well stock up as its a one day only offer! Anything bought today will be posted tomorrow so you will have in plenty of time of xmas!

Here are a few things I have for sale:

Flannel xmas bunny with handmade soap £2

Children's sock cupcakes various sizes £3.50

Flannel Chocolate log £2.50
Natural handmade citrus soap £2 per bar comes gift wrapped as shown below

Let me know if you see anything you like, you can comment here or in my facebook album,

Alyssa xx