Thursday, 30 June 2011

Pre-holiday message!

Only a few hours to go before I set off for a slap up lunch, then onto the airport! Looking forward to some warm sunny weather in Kos assuming I get there because of the stikes!

I havn't scheduled any posts whilst I'm away as I'm not that organised and think you can cope without my ramblings for a week anyway and you can look forward to seeing all my OOTD's from my holiday plus the announcement of my giveaway!

Just before I go, I wanted to share with you some design work I have done this week for the lovely Mary at the Mary Poppins Blog If you go and visit her blog you will see the header I created. She had some great ideas of what she liked but I came up with the bunting concept and I think it works really well. So this is just to let you know that I am available to design as much or as little as you require, my rates are very reasonable! (will work for cake)

See y'all in a week,

Alyssa xx

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Back to School... 1-9

The whole time we were at school we all resisted wearing a uniform as much as we could, pulling our ties wide, untucking our shirts and generally making ourselves look scruffy. I have noticed recently there sems to be a school uniform-esqe fashion revival going on. I think now we are no longer at school (I don't condone anyone breaking school uniform rules like I did) it can be fun, not dull and drab like we remember it.

1. Blazers

I have recently become a big fan of the blazer especially a fitted navy blue one which is almost the same as the one I was forced to wear at school! There are such a great variety of styles of blazers now that there is something to suit everyone. I especially like this blue linen one as its so summery but I really don't think the colour would suit me so I will admire from afar.

2. Trousers

Nasty polyester pants are a thing of the past. Now there are such stylish trousers around I don't know what to choose from. Peg leg always look smart, but wide leg trousers have really made a come-back and can look really dressy when teamed with a fitted blouse.

3. Skirts

I always remember wearing a knee length circle skirt at high school when everyone else wore trousers as I wanted to be different. The one I have included here is pleated which always reminds me of the gym/sports skirts we had to wear. However the nude colour of this one means you should look 24 rather than 14.

4. If you can't decide between trousers and skirts there are always culottes? I was the only kid at school to wear culottes and I could do handstands against the wall at break time without flashing my knickers at the boys. What more needs to be said?

5. Shirts

Plain white shirts are a wardrobe staple but the baggy thin cotton things they classed as uniform were the most unflattering and uncomfortable item I have come across. Cold in winter and too hot in summer. Choose a slouchy boyfriend for comfort or a neat cropped shirt like this one for something a bit more feminine.

6. Cardigans

No more itchy knitwear. I like thin knit waterfall cardigans and don't feel frumpy or silly in them, they can be dressed up or down, choosing a plain one like this means it can be mixed and matched with so many different outfits and just adds that extra layer when you need it.

7. Satchel

I don't think I ever owned a satchel but I wish I had as they look so good. I think I would have bought this lacy version if I had been allowed. Possibly not big enough to fit all the books I had to carry every day though.

8. Socks

Never really liked socks but I can't think of school uniforms without thinking of the white knee high socks. I think they look OK on some people but I won't be revisiting that fashion.

9. Footwear

Finally, one of the most difficult parts of an outfit. I am a sucker for comfort so flat pumps or ankle boots are my thing. School were very strict on footwear, it had to be plain black so here I have fought back with these sweet nude and black pumps. Also decided to include these little leather booties which would look great with a skirt.

School Style

Vila gray cardigan
€25 -
H by Henry Holland tie shirt
£16 -
Dorothy Perkins cropped blazer
£30 -
$38 -
Wide leg pants
£20 -
Miss Selfridge short mini skirt
£22 -
Dorothy Perkins tapered pants
£16 -
Over knee socks
$14 -
Bow shoes
$40 -
Zara flat shoes
$40 -
Satchel bag
£30 -

What do you think to this style?

Alyssa xx

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

50p Bargains & OOTD

On Saturday I passed by my local church fair so thought I ought to pop in as I know quite a few of the stall holders. Had a scoot round and came home with two gems for 50p each!

 100% silk scarf from Accessorize
Vintage Bag by Belle Paris (I really love this as its so unique and almost like a satchel)

On the same day I returned a pair of faulty sandals to a local boutique and exchanged them for this lovely sheer shirt dress. I couldn't resist it as it was a cat print, I then wore it on Saturday night with leggings and belt to go see some friends at their new house. You might also be able to see in these pics that I was a little bit sunburnt from the sunbed, oops!

Shirt Victoria's Boutique £25
Belt swap via Big Wardrobe
Leggings Peacocks £3
Wedges Blue Inc £20

Finally an OOTD, I got these chinos from M&S after running in during a thunderstorm, glad I did now as they are a perfect fit and I have been after some for ages! Also I love this jumper, you see right though it as the holes are so big so you need a vest under it but suprisingly it does keep the chill off so its perfect for this time of year. Its also really baggy and oversized so very comfortable!

Jumper ASOS via Big Wardrobe
Chinos M&S £22

Are you impressed with my 50p bargains?

Alyssa xx

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Mademoiselle Lala

This is dedicated to one of my keenest followers! She always reads what I put and leaves me a lovely comment. I try my best to reciprocate too. Anyway, she has just reached 200 followers on her blog so she is being very generous and organisising a fantastic giveaway which you should all enter!

Anyway, later I want to share with you some things I picked up for a bargain 50p yesterday, just waiting for my camera to charge!

Alyssa xx

Friday, 17 June 2011

Yola Site

I decided to have a proper clear out so I uploaded all my stuff to a website I created. 

There is a good range of clothes, shoes and accessories. Size range from 6-16 as there is some of my mums stuff on there too. All in excellent condition and there are some good brands too. Prices from only 50p! Slowly adding stuff on ebay each week but you are more than welcome to buy from my shop if you want it now. 

And...If you spend over £10 then I will refund your postage costs! Grab yourself a bargain :)

Alyssa xx

Thursday, 16 June 2011


Thank you for taking the time to read what I write and look at my photos. I write posts about things that I enjoy reading on other people's blogs so I hope I'm doing the right thing.

Anyway, I said I was going to do a giveaway and this seems like an appropriate milestone. I will be offering a nice gift set containing some of my handmade products which you can see on my website Clarise Cosmetics. However, It just dawned on me that two weeks today I will be going on holiday so I am going to be too busy to arrange it and promote it properly until I get back. Don't worry though, I won't forget!

An example of one of my handmade gift sets

Here is my outfit from last night's date night, we went to a new Turkish restaurant in the net village to us and the owner was so friendly and welcoming it was lovely. I wore my Mela Loves London dress that I picked up for £6.99 in the charity shop a couple of weeks ago with black tights (although it was actually a bit warm for them last night!) I also took a long black cardigan with pearls over it to compliment my pearl jewellery. I felt like a lady for a change!

I don't normally show a face close up but I was really happy with my hair, I literally blasted it with a hair dryer for 5 mins then ran my brush though it but it was full of volume. I am also wearing Benetint (Glamour freebie!) on my lips which makes them a really lovely colour!

Alyssa xx

Monday, 13 June 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Last week I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by Clever Little Buttons who you should all go an visit as she is very lovely and has a very informative and interesting blog.

Anyway, I am supposed to reveal 7 facts about myself then pass the award on so here goes:

1. I was born in Spain but am not Spanish.
2. I was technically the highest achiever in my school after GCSE's. Sad but true.
3. I am obsessed with eating seafood, especially tiger prawns.
4. I also constantly worry about my cat, although he is over 18 years old now!
5. I eat a proper meal every lunch time at work cos I can't manage all day otherwise.
6. I could never eat chocolate, sweets & cakes aslong as I have crisps.
7. I have suffered from various types of Arthritis since I was 7 but I don't let it stop me doing anything. :)

The 7 bloggers I want to pass this award to are:

Fayella Fairy
Debbie's Bargain Hunt
What Katie Found
Coyne-Operated Girl
My Addiction
Mademoiselle La La

Have a good day everyone!

Alyssa xx

Sunday, 12 June 2011

My Favourite Stripes


Stripe dress
$40 -
Dorothy Perkins short sleeve dress
£26 -
Splendid striped tank top
$78 -
French Connection stripe tee
$58 -
TopShop blue top
$36 -
Miss Selfridge short sleeve top
£32 -
Miss Selfridge striped vest
£18 -
Roxy bikini bathing suit
$40 -
Zara striped bathing suit
$26 -
Zara nylon swimwear
$26 -
Dorothy Perkins yellow shoes
£18 -
Dorothy Perkins blue shoes
£18 -
Dorothy Perkins stripe shoes
£18 -
Seafolly summer handbag
$45 -
Striped handbag
$28 -
Missoni striped scarve
£240 -
All Saints striped scarve
$85 -
John Lewis Women black sun hat
£38 -

Just a quick post today as I havn't been well this week and made this to cheer myself up. I have a new found interest in wearing stripes. I practically live in my striped French Connection T-shirt so I had a look for some other ways to wear stripes and these were some of my favourites. Which are yours?

Alyssa xx

P.S Been trying to post this for 2 days but Blogger has been unavailable!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A bit of everything!

First things first, a want! I have been after this Henry Holland Camel Laser Cut Blazer for a while. I even tried it on and it was a perfect fit but I've gone and left it too late now I can't find it anywhere in my size now.

Next are a few outfits from this week. Monday I wore my new Dorothy Perkins blouse that I got in my charity shop haul. I wore it to work with skinny combats and the brogue shoe-boots which I have to say are really comfy considering I never wear heels to work! After work I went out for a meal and just had time to change into some black peg leg trousers and my new Blue Inc wedges. Today I went a bit vintage as I wore the vintage skirt I picked up at the weekend with a mustard vest and beige crochet detail cardi.

Finally, I found this on my Polyvore which I made a few weeks ago and forgot about, I took inspiration from my favourite country, Norway!
Vila knit top
27 EUR -
TopShop cotton skirt
$80 -
Cable sock
$8 -
Forever21 low heels
$31 -
Ecote flap bag
$68 -
Dorothy Perkins floral shawl
12 GBP -

What do you think?

Alyssa xx

P.S Sorry for such a random post!