Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Back to School... 1-9

The whole time we were at school we all resisted wearing a uniform as much as we could, pulling our ties wide, untucking our shirts and generally making ourselves look scruffy. I have noticed recently there sems to be a school uniform-esqe fashion revival going on. I think now we are no longer at school (I don't condone anyone breaking school uniform rules like I did) it can be fun, not dull and drab like we remember it.

1. Blazers

I have recently become a big fan of the blazer especially a fitted navy blue one which is almost the same as the one I was forced to wear at school! There are such a great variety of styles of blazers now that there is something to suit everyone. I especially like this blue linen one as its so summery but I really don't think the colour would suit me so I will admire from afar.

2. Trousers

Nasty polyester pants are a thing of the past. Now there are such stylish trousers around I don't know what to choose from. Peg leg always look smart, but wide leg trousers have really made a come-back and can look really dressy when teamed with a fitted blouse.

3. Skirts

I always remember wearing a knee length circle skirt at high school when everyone else wore trousers as I wanted to be different. The one I have included here is pleated which always reminds me of the gym/sports skirts we had to wear. However the nude colour of this one means you should look 24 rather than 14.

4. If you can't decide between trousers and skirts there are always culottes? I was the only kid at school to wear culottes and I could do handstands against the wall at break time without flashing my knickers at the boys. What more needs to be said?

5. Shirts

Plain white shirts are a wardrobe staple but the baggy thin cotton things they classed as uniform were the most unflattering and uncomfortable item I have come across. Cold in winter and too hot in summer. Choose a slouchy boyfriend for comfort or a neat cropped shirt like this one for something a bit more feminine.

6. Cardigans

No more itchy knitwear. I like thin knit waterfall cardigans and don't feel frumpy or silly in them, they can be dressed up or down, choosing a plain one like this means it can be mixed and matched with so many different outfits and just adds that extra layer when you need it.

7. Satchel

I don't think I ever owned a satchel but I wish I had as they look so good. I think I would have bought this lacy version if I had been allowed. Possibly not big enough to fit all the books I had to carry every day though.

8. Socks

Never really liked socks but I can't think of school uniforms without thinking of the white knee high socks. I think they look OK on some people but I won't be revisiting that fashion.

9. Footwear

Finally, one of the most difficult parts of an outfit. I am a sucker for comfort so flat pumps or ankle boots are my thing. School were very strict on footwear, it had to be plain black so here I have fought back with these sweet nude and black pumps. Also decided to include these little leather booties which would look great with a skirt.

School Style

Vila gray cardigan
€25 -
H by Henry Holland tie shirt
£16 -
Dorothy Perkins cropped blazer
£30 -
$38 -
Wide leg pants
£20 -
Miss Selfridge short mini skirt
£22 -
Dorothy Perkins tapered pants
£16 -
Over knee socks
$14 -
Bow shoes
$40 -
Zara flat shoes
$40 -
Satchel bag
£30 -

What do you think to this style?

Alyssa xx


Anonymous said...

Great blog set, I love the schoolgirl look! xoxo, Veena <3

Mademoiselle Lala said...

Ohhhhhhh!!! :) Check out two of my upcoming posts - I'll be channelling this inner schoolgirl!

Am I really a copycat? It's the second time in the past week when I have plans to blog about something (real plans) and other blogger writes about it... ;) X

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