Tuesday, 29 November 2011

NOTD (or should I say week!)

As I've mentioned before I'm not really a lover of painted nails mainly because it usually lasts an hour on me before I find a way to chip it! But I took the plunge and went for Shellac at my local salon as they had an offer on it. It was all a bit of a disaster as it started coming off after a day (its supposed to last 2-3 weeks without chips) so I went back and she completely re-did them thankfully!
I went for black with multi-coloured glitter dusting, think it looks rather festive don't you!

Just trying to decide what colour to go for next, assuming this lasts as long as it should!

Alyssa xx

Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Giveaway

 Just to let everyone know who is on Facebook that I will be hosting my giveaway on there. But....only when I reach 100 fans so get over and like my page and whilst you are there have a nosy through my album of new products!

Alyssa xx

P.S Told you I hadn't forgotten about it!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

The start of xmas shopping...

Yesterday I went to the local shopping centre with the boyfriend as it was a miserable and I wanted to be out the house. I though with it being a Friday it would be quiet and I could get some xmas shopping done nice and early. However after a couple of hours I had seen or bought nothing and neither had my boyfriend so we decided to give up and go home. I did manage to buy something for myself in Republic though as I had a gift voucher which was about to expire so I bought something in desperation as I vowed never to come back to the shopping centre again as it depressed me!

Anyway, here is the jumper I bought, it is the fluffiest thing ever. Can't wait for it to get properly cold so I can wear it now. haha!

Anyway today I went for a wander round my local village and ended up buying about half my xmas presents in about an hour so it was much more productive, I even picked up a cute River Island shirt from one of the many charity shops which I will show you in an outfit.

So the moral of the story is SHOP LOCAL!

Alyssa xx

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Clarise Cosmetics re-launch!

If you have read my past two posts you will realise I have been busy making lots of lovely things. Trying out new recipes for luxury bath products. I always hated buying these things from shops and not really knowing what was in them so last year I started making my own, now I know exactly what I am using on my precious skin!

I have really upped my game this time and going for looks as well as content and being a bit naughty I used Lush as a sort of inspiration. Everything I have made is entirely my own creation, I havn't copied from anyone else and I think you will like what I have come up with so far.

Shower Scrubs

These are lovely moisturizing shower bars with lots of exfoliating bits such as fairtrade sugar and lemon peel powder in for giving yourself a really good scrub! Look out for 2 extra products: Volcano (which has peppermint, pumice & volcanic ash) and Hippy Hands (hemp and nag champa with hemp seeds)

Bath Creamers

I didn't want to call these just bath bombs because they are much more than that. For a start they are a whopping 200g! and they contain a centre of creamy foaming bath butter. They made you bath look and smell incredible. Licorice love contains cocoa powder for a really indulgent treat and shining star (which is frankinscence and myrrh scented) contains gold glitter and is helping me get into the festive spirit already! Look out for Aphrodite, rose & ylang ylang with dried rose petals. 

Body Butters

I made the decision that a solid body butter was much more practical than in a jar, it also works really well as massage bar. These ones I designed to use in a bath or shower as they work by melting onto the skin, they also have a bit of gentle exfoliation.

Lip Scrubs

Lip Scrubs were always one of my best sellers, I have no idea why? Anyway I have refined them and made them much more sophisticated now and narrowed it down to these flavours. No doubt I will add more flavours in the future though.

Lip Balms

Final catagory is lipbalms, I have made Cherry & Vanilla to match the lip scrubs plus a honey lipbalm which is great for those who don't like heavily fragranced things on their lips, just something natural. Cherry contains added shea butter and Vanilla contains cocoa butter to make them extra rich.

So if you like what you see here go over to my website and have a proper look as I have some gift sets perfect for little stocking fillers and will be adding more over the next couple of days!

Alyssa xx

Monday, 7 November 2011

2 more new makes...

When I got in from work my body butters were set finally. I know they take well over 24 hours to become solid but I'm just too impatient! Here are the ones I made, they are about 75- 100g each which is a really generous size. They look similar but I can assure you they smell completely different!

 I call this one Sweet Angel and its a shea & cocoa butter bar infused with vanilla with a layer of soft brown sugar for a little bit of scrubbiness. Smells heavenly (pun intended!)

This one I love as the smell is a bit more subtle. Again it is shea & cocoa butter but it has a cinnamon and almond scent which is just a hint of Christmas I think. I like to call it the Winter Warmer body butter.

Got a huge parcel delivered today filled with more ingredients for making soaps, scrubs and butters and couldn't wait to collect it after work, I had to crack open the box straight away! Watch this space for more goodies.

Alyssa xx

Handmade Scrubs

Just a quick one today to share two pictures. I am currently in the process of relaunching Clarise Cosmetics with some more luxurious products and here are two things I created yesterday but they don't yet have names! My house smells absoulutely amazing though...

This is a coffee and vanilla scrub bar. The coffee is invigorating and will be great to wake you up in in the morning.

And this one is a raspberry scented sugar scrub bar. It almost looks edible, even my dad asked if he could try some. I'm already taking orders for these and they aren't even up on my website yet!

 I should have some more to share this week too,

Alyssa xx