Sunday, 31 July 2011

Cherish Bespoke Jewellery

As my blog is about fashion and design, thought I would mention some more design work I have just done. Nic came on one of our course to learn how to make jewellery from fingerprints, hand, foot and paw prints. Then she spent moths practicing and perfecting the art before finally deciding to start her own business. She decided on Cherish bespoke jewellery and asked me to design the logo and website for her. She knew exactly how she wanted the logo, I just recreated it in Adobe Illustator and added my finishing touches.

I then got to work on the website, I had pretty much free reign on the design but I knew what Nic liked from what we had discussed when creating the logo. She wanted a simple 4 page site including about us, gallery and contact page with a view to adding an online shop at a later stage.

Please go and take a look at the website and if you can even like it on Facebook, she needs 25 likers before she can choose her username!

What do you think? I am rather pleased with it.

Alyssa xx


fayellafairy said...

Love it! your such a genius!

invisible_squirrel said...

The phrase is jack of all trades, master of none! haha

Anonymous said...

I love the layout of your website page, it's so girly and chic! Thanks for sharing. xoxo, Veena <3

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