Saturday, 31 December 2011

A few xmas items & NYE plans

First I wanted to share a few gifts I got for xmas. I'm very grateful to my family and friends as I realise I am very difficult to buy for as I never want anything!

First up is this aztec cardigan from Miso at Republic that my best friend got me. It was a real surprise actually as I didn't expect her to get me anything like that at all but its really lovely and very warm!

My mum also got me this underwear set with reindeers on from Matalan. I wanted it when I first saw it and couldn't find my size. Eventually I did get it and it fits perfectly but my mum got me one too as she didn't realise I already had one. Its a very comfortable and well fitting bra but as its on;y cheap it probably wont last long in the wash so glad I have a back-up!

My boyfriend got me this Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet. Its fantastic and will be really good for my design work. So far though I have only messed about putting a moustache on photos of myself and that kind of thing!

This may not seem like a very exciting gift but I love it. My dad gave me a Colurworks melamine mixing bowl with some silicone baking tools. I really enjoy baking but I didn't have a proper mixing bowl so I'm really please I have my own now. I also treated myself to some funky digital scale so I can be a bit more accurate when mixing my ingredients now!

Finally, wanted to share my outfit for NYE. I am going to a Black and White ball in a local restaurant. It's not very ballgown-y but I think I would feel too self-conscious in something over the top so I went for this dress from New Look. The picture doesn't look that good but I can assure you it is far better in real life. Maybe I will get a picture before I go out!

What are your NYE plans?

Alyssa xx

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