Monday, 28 March 2011

My First Blog Post


I keep starting blogs then deleting them so this time I'm writing just for myself about things I like. I might even just add pictures and not bother writing! But as this is my first post I think I ought to put something. This weekend I turned the telly on and Housesitter with on (what a great film for a Saturday afternoon!)  Its trashy and dated but made me feel good. I really liked some of the outfits Goldie Hawn was wearing.
The film was released in 1992 so her style still has elements of late 80's such as oversized jumpers, tight leggings and headscarves. Bleachwash denim features quite heavily too but personally I'm not a fan so I have ignored it. I know a lot of people hate 80's style and say it has been done to death but sometimes it can work really well as look as its not over the top. I have been desperately searching for screenshots from the film but they are few and far between and this was all I could find!

 So, Im afraid these arn't the most exciting but you can see that Goldie Hawn would look fabulous in almost anything though, infact during the film Steve Martin's character actually comments on how hot she looks in some of her most dreadful clothes (think reindeer jumper, mans shirt etc.)

So I was inspired to make a collage of some of my favourite items inspired by her look which I think I could get away with wearing (except maybe those sunglasses but I just though they were rather dazzling) and it ended up as a rather gorgeous Spring outfit, neutral colours are still really popular and look great when you are out and about enjoying the beautiful sunshine we're having at the moment. Lets just hope it lasts...
By Malene Birger silk blouse
159 GBP -

Bodkin boatneck sweater
$325 -
Ballet flat
$895 -
Flower hair accessory
$19 -
Dorothy Perkins skinny belt
6 GBP -
Vintage sunglass
125 GBP -

Alyssa xx

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Cri said...

Hi Alyssa! I hope you have a great time blogging! Your blog has a so pretty layout, so intimistic! Thank you for your friendship in IFB!