Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Britain is Great..and other bad puns!

With the 'Royal Wedding' only a few of weeks away I decided to do a set on the best of British, I'm not a huge fan on union flag clothing and accessories but obviously I had to include it and I actually quite like the more subtle pieces in the bottom left hand corner, Accessorize seem to have a lot of themed products in at the moment and I liked this union jack weekend bag, I even came across a lovely compact mirror too so its worth having a a look at the Accessorize website.
Vivienne Westwood features a couple of times in the set, I picked items from her Anglomania collection naturally and this shows the cross-over between royalism and the punk movement with a gorgeous tartan-esq dress. There were loads I could have chosen to include but I thought this was very uniquely Vivienne Westwood!

Roland mouret dress
$2,910 -
Forever21 scoop neck tank top
$14 -
House Of Holland wool sweater
295 EUR -
Punk clothing
$30 -
Hunter tall red boot
72 GBP -
Union jack handbag
40 GBP -
Balmain leather clutch
780 EUR -
Simeon Farrar wedding handbag
85 GBP -
Hoolala silver plated jewelry
13 GBP -
Dorothy Perkins union jack umbrella
10 GBP -
Vivienne Westwood wool shawl
$250 -

So, what will you be doing on the 29th April; waving your flag and eating cupcakes or putting safety pins through your clothing and shouting 'God Save the Queen'? I know which I will be doing!

Alyssa xx


Debbie_DooDaa said...

Oh, I really like the cake stand and the Accessorize bag! I can see the bag's sold out on the website, and I'm glad it is or I might have been tempted to buy it! x

invisible_squirrel said...

Ah, it was still available this morning. Maybe everyone saw it on my blog and bought it...haha!

Debbie_DooDaa said...

Accessorize should probably send you a free one for all your promotional work! :)