Saturday, 30 April 2011

Charity Shop Trip

Me and Andy went for a trip out to Otley today, which if you don't know it's the place to go for charity shops and tea rooms! Normally when we go to Otley is for a walk up the Chevin but that seemed far too healthy for us today and instead went bargain hunting. The street market was also on but we didn't really get chance to look at that. I was trying to be strict and only buy things that I really needed but here is what I came home with:

Long hanky-hem racerback top with cute cupid and flower motif. This was in Oxfam for £2.99 which was the last place we went in and I know it will come in handy as it goes great with my skinny combats, it will also be great in summer with shorts. It was also brand new!

I bought this top from British Heart Foundation to go with my new mocassins, it also has a gorgeous blue pattern in and I found this amazing cobalt blue leather belt to match it as I was waiting for the fitting room, looks great with or without. The top was £1.75 and the belt was only £1!

These khaki summer crops from Dorothy Perkins were only £2.75 in RSPCA and are a perfect fit, I bet I will be seeing a lot of these this summer. Also got on the cupid vest but I've tucked it  into them here so I'm already getting wear out it!

Finally, I picked up these three books mainly for my holiday. I'm a huge Marian Keyes fan and wanted to get this latest one as I already have all her others. I saw it in the window for £2.75 and in perfect condition, it will be the perfect trashy holiday read. I love all the other Thomas Harris books (Hannibal Rising, Silence of the Lambs, Red Dragon) but funnily enough I havn't read Hannibal and it was only 50p for this hardback copy. The last one Hop Scotch and Handbags was in the 'Self Help' section probably becuase they didn't know where to put it, the title underneath is The Essential Guide to Being a Girl and from the little snippets I've read I think it's going to be really funny. Its not a novel but little bits of everything, letters, articles, reviews, quizzes and allsorts. I might start on this one tonight. Another hardback bargain of £2.75!

What do think to my bargains of the day? Have you found any recently?

Alyssa xx


mixnmatch1 said...

love the cropped trousers,they look fab :)

pinklittlebean said...

I am now looking in charity shops a little more as I can see you can get some lovely goodies!

And after whinging there is never anything decent in my local ones, I got a pair of Topshop cropped skinny jeans for £4 in the BHF in Sheffield, so I'll stop whining :)

Looks like you got some great finds! x