Thursday, 28 April 2011

OOTD...well week to be exact!

Its been a short week this week with the all the bank holidays but I thought I would show you what outfits I have been wearing to work. I work in a tiny office for a graphics company and you can wear pretty much what you like, most people choose jeans but I can't sit in jeans all day, I like to be comfy! Its also really chilly in our office usually so layers are generally a good thing or at least a cardi!


Rose Chiffon Tshirt- Topshop Free (swap)
Waterfall Cardigan Miss Selfridge Via Ebay 99p
Linen Trousers George Petite £10
Handbag Suzy Smith vis Ebay £5ish


Floral T-shirt w/ lace sleeves H! by Henry Holland Free (swap)
Charcoal Pleated Chinos Select £12
Skinny Rose Belt Asda £3


Long T-shirt H! by Henry Holland Free (swap)
Leggings Asda £6
Faux Leather Jacket New Look £30ish
Sandals Matalan £8

And a bonus outfit from date night this week! I finally wore this top I bought from River Island with some vouchers. I love the shape of it especially the floaty sleeves, the material reminds me of sofa upholstery with see-though patches- odd I know!

Gold Top River Island £24.99
Black Skinny Jeans Internacionale £15ish
Leather Wedges M&S £9
Gold Snakeskin Clutch Peacocks £5

So there you have it, sorry for not being very orginal but I promise my next post will be really exciting as I have some news! 

Alyssa xx


Debbie_DooDaa said...

That Suzy Smith hanbag is gorgeous! And it matches your blog wallpaper too! :)
I should take inspiration from your post - I always wear leggings and a long top for work - even when I try to vary it, it's just a different coloured top / different leggings! x

invisible_squirrel said...

It was an ebay bargain! I actually thought it was much bigger as the picture is decieving but its really quite a cute canvas bag! And I used to wear leggings all the time but one of the guys commented one day when I went in trousers so I realised I probably wear leggings to much!


You are totally a girly girl! I can tell by your style! Cheers! Happy blogging!

mixnmatch1 said...

love the chinos :)

fayellafairy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Wednesdays outfit

Rose and Muse said...

Its strange you look a bit like Kate Middleton?
really like the last picture!!! totally gorgeous!