Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Countdown & Mexx Look Book

Its Andy's birthday on Saturday so we are off shopping at J32 through the day to get him some bits and pieces and as Lent will finish on Saturday I might even spot something for myself too, the countdown has begun, only 4 days to go! And I get my hair done on Friday so I have that to look forward to after a week of working late (uber-busy in the fashion catalogue world!)
I've been looking around the websites of the stores which I know are there so I know sort of what to expect. J32 is an outlet centre but they generally have current stock in as well as the clearance so hopefully I wont be disappointed. First shop is Quiz, usually I avoid this shop as it isn't really my style and is a little bit cheap looking but I have seen a few pieces I quite like:

Chiffon Dress

Mocha Trousers

Coral Chiffon Blouse
I also looked at Mexx, I have had quite a few bargains in the Mexx outlet before but I was quite drawn to some of the newest pieces in the April/May Look Book. I always love seeing Look Books, not sure if its because I work in catalogue production?!

Love the peach trousers and shirt combo- very summery!

I own a couple of jumpers similar, not keen on the socks though :S

The print on this shirt is really unusual.
So what do you reckon, think I will find the perfect outfit for Andy's Birthday night out or will the shops be full of last seasons cast offs?

Alyssa xx

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mixnmatch1 said...

i love the first two items,especially the bow detail on the trousers :)