Monday, 11 April 2011

Going Dutch!

Today I decided to finish off a set I started a few weeks ago. I started looking at clogs as I would really like a pair of traditional looking ones and found a pair from Office which I added to the set, I don't think I would actually buy these ones as they are too high for me but I they are defintley the style I like! There's a bit of a 70's revival going on at the moment so I'm sure there are plenty of alternatives on the high street.

Linen dress
18 GBP -
H by Henry Holland camel jacket
38 GBP -
Turquoise handbag
$40 -

I then found this background which is actually a fabric swatch which I thought was really lovely, I certainly wouldn't want a whole dress from it but I took inspiration from it. I get a bit obessive with colour matching and don't wear more than 2 different colours at once which I think is quite limiting so here I tried to be adventurous with colour.
There is also a dutch theme going on which started with the clogs then I added the gorgeous bold orange dress which is the colour of Holland. I took the camel colour for the blazer (from H! by Henry Holland collection) and the turquoise colour of the clutch bag from the floral swatch (another dutch theme!). Normally I wouldn't mix these colours but I do think they work quite well and would really make a statement.

What do you think to my take on 70's style?

Alyssa xx

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leisaluvsprada said...

Love the clogs! i am def on the lookout for some peeptoe wedges, they seem to be the in thing for this summer x