Monday, 30 May 2011

Bank Holiday Update and OOTD

This past week I have been so busy at work that I just haven't had chance to do a blog! But I thought I would leave a quick note just to remind you that I'm still here and will be back with more interesting posts once things have quietened down a little bit!

So today I nipped out to the shops for a couple of hours as it was raining and was fed up of playing on the xbox! I managed to wear all my current favoruite items of clothing at once: River island skinny combats, French Connection Stripy tshirt, New look blazer and my comfy tan mocassins. Also you can't really see from this pic but my hair was amazing poofy!

 I ended up buying this skirt in Peacocks, it looks much nicer in real life than on this pic asit is more of a burnt orange not fluorescent! It also hugs the body so makes you look like you have nice curves.

Maxi Skirt £16 Peacocks
I'm also quite a fan of the underwear at Peacocks as it always fits me so well and I came away with lots of bits and pieces, my favourite being this gorgeous set which looks really expensive! Take a look at it here!

Bra £7 Knickers £3.50 Peacocks
So that was today's mini shopping splurge, I hope to write a more exciting post next time. I have some recipes I want to share with you that I made for some friends on Sunday nght.

Alyssa xx


Meowcake said...

I find underwear at Peacocks a dream too! They don't last long but they're worth the price as they're well fitting and relatively cheap :)

mixnmatch1 said...

i think i may have to pay a visit to peacocks :)

Anonymous said...

Loving that maxi skirt! lots of love from your follower, Veena <3