Monday, 23 May 2011

Holiday Countdown!

Its just over a month til my holiday to Kos with my lovely bf and I'm already a little bit excited! I think it is because I enjoy packing my suitcase, is that strange? I wanted to do a quick post about some holiday essentials:

Most important is sun cream! I am very pale and always like to make sure I am buying the best sun cream to avoid getting burnt. TK Maxx had Piz Buin for sale at £5.99 a bottle which I thought was great value so I grabbed a couple of bottles. I just found that they also do a tan intensifier version although not sure if it actually makes any difference. There is also a matching after-sun lotion, which is important to use to re-hydrate your skin after a day in the sun.

I will also be taking some of my own handmade body butter as its really nourishing and the oils just melt as soon as they touch your skin. I think I will take a natural scented version, maybe add some aloe vera as a cooling addition. If you want to try some its only £4.99 for a 100ml tub.

Another of my own products will be the lush Mandarin Dreams shower bar. I love fruity smells especially on holiday and this bar has loads of cocoa butter in too so it makes your skin silky soft as well as being clean and refreshed. Its only £2.49 for 100g.

Whilst in the shower I will be using a lemon solid shampoo bar, one of these bars will last for ages, even washing hair every day. I usually cut mine into quarters and just use a hand held piece. £2.49 for 100g is amazing value especially as i get 3 or 4 washes out of just one quarter and I have long thick hair.

My hair usually gets frazzled on holiday due to the heat, chlorine from the pool and also its not used to being washed every single day so a good conditioner is important. Normally a deep conditioning treatment would make my hair greasy but it will need some extra tlc. I'm sure most people have tried Aussie products and know how great they are so I picked this 3 minute miracle deconstructor. I usually take the little sachets with me to save space.

Finally, you want to know what make-up I will be taking? none! I never wear make up on holiday mainly because I get too hot and it runs off! I will probably take a lip-tint to wear on an evening (lipstick is a no-no as it will get all soft and melt) I will no doubt throw in a little perfume sample probably my favourite Miss Dior Cherie. Perfectly light and floral!

What do you pack into your suitcase?

Alyssa xx


The Cat Hag said...

Loving your product picks!

I am a fan of Miss Dior Cherie myself. :)

I usually decant my shampoo and conditioner into travel size bottles and bring along all my creams and lotions that I normally use.

Packing a suitcase is a frazzling experience for me haha.

The Cat Hag

Mademoiselle Lala said...

I love Aussie products - the smell is so wonderful and stays really long! Have a lovely time! X

Anonymous said...

Miss Dior Cherie is always a winner! Those soap bars look lovely xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely, I love Miss Dior Cherie too, it's my favourite! I'm following you now on Bloglovin and Google Friend Connect. Great post, stop by some time! xoxo, VLM.

Joey said...

You love packing your suitcase? Hehe, I'm one of those last-minute people. Always only start packing the night before that's why I forget stuff haha

Thanks for the tip on putting the feathers over a steaming kettle. That's interesting, I'm definitely going to try it out on my dress. Thanks :)