Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Colour Inspiration...Orange

Orange is a colour I usually avoid, well to be honest I usually avoid most colours and stick to black but I have been trying to be a bit more adventurous recently. Orange is definitley the colour of the season and I thought I would make a colour board mixing and matching some orange pieces with some of my other favoruite colours at the moment, naturals such as tan and khaki plus navy (which is a great alternative to black!) I have opted for a bright orange as the other colours are quite muted and I wanted a contrast but there are many shades depending on how brave you want to be.

What colour would you wear with orange? Which shade do you prefer?

Alyssa xx


Lisa, Archives said...

ive never been one for orange, but its growing on me these days! especially coral - i love it! :)

Linh said...

Hi! Great board :) Just saw your comment on my page and wanted to let you know: I didn't see you post a comment for this particular entry. You DID sign up for the clutch giveaway with AA though so maybe that's what you are referring to. If so, that giveaway hasn't happened yet. Once I reach 150 blog followers I will do the drawing. :)