Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Music Monday...on a Tuesday

I thought I would do a feature on music every week as its also an interest of mine alongside fashion. My music tastes are very specific though, I am a fan of heavy metal, thrash metal, nu-metal, alternative metal, classic rock, soft rock, grunge mainly. My ears can't cope with female singers so any warbly-Adele type songs on the radio are swiftly turned off!

Here are some of my all time favourite singers:

Scott Stapp- from the 90's post-grunge band Creed. These are big in America but not so much in the UK, I don't think they have ever toured outside of USA and Canada which is a shame.

Myles Kennedy- when Creed split and reformed without Scott Stapp they found a new singer Myles Kennedy, they are now called Alter Bridge and I was lucky enough to see them in Nottingham and it was amazing as everyone at the gig was singing along. I also think he is pretty hunky! :P

Eddie Vedder- the distinct voice of another 90's grunge band- Pearl Jam. If you can't think of a Pearl Jam song just You Tube them and you will realise you know more than you think.

Corey Taylor- I love this guy so much, better known for singing screaming in Slipknot, he then formed Stone Sour which is one my favourite bands, he has an amazing voice but it was so wasted in Slipknot.

Ryan McCombs- the singer for SOiL, who then went onto join Drowning Pool replacing Jason Jones who was a stand-in for the original singer Dave Williams who died only age 30. So sad :(

R.I.P Dave Williams (another great heavy metal singer/growler)

Let me know what you think to music Monday (on a Tuesday)...

Alyssa xx

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Mademoiselle Lala said...

I am so scared of Slipknot music videos - these guys are seriously crazy! ;) X