Monday, 16 May 2011

Music Monday...on a Monday!

My mum said a funny thing to me yesterday. She said it was strange that even though I am such a mild- mannered and calm person how I listen to such heavy music all the time. I reckon it is how I vent my anger and frustrations by blasting some heavy metal in my ears!

I was a bit annoyed last week as Spotify decided to put a limit on the number or times you can listen to a song or album with their free account which meant I had to go and actually buy some albums which I have been listening to on there for ages.

I splashed out on Disturbed- 10 Thousand Fists as its a bit of a classic album but I've only just started listening to it properly. Its a really good album and has already made it onto my ipod. I also bought Slipknot's Debut album for a bargain 94p from Amazon Playtrade. AND I finally ordered the latest Hinder album but I havn't got it yet as it is coming all the way from America as nowhere in the UK stock it!

If you havn't heard of Hinder, they are soft American rock, very similar to Nickelback. Have a listen!

That's all for now,

Alyssa xx


Helen, 19 said...

I actually hate Spotify for changing their accounts! I was what they call a 'Heavy' user probably listened to it about 4 or 5 hours a day!
Now I'm on Grooveshark. If I listened to full albums like you I'd probably buy them too but I just listen to random songs! xxxx

rose petals said...

Your blog layout is so pretty :)
94p for an album, bargin X