Tuesday, 31 May 2011

One Maxi Skirt, Five Outfits!

I wore my new maxi skirt from Peacocks to work today and I paired it with a navy vest, blue slouchy tshirt and navy blazer. (I also wore some navy leggings underneath as it gets really chilly at work). It got me thinking how else I could wear it because at the end of the day it is just a long tube of slightly stretchy fabric.

Outfit 1

 This was my work outfit minus the blue tshirt and I think it looks quite smart and just about suitable for an office.
Outfit 2

 Quite simply I took the skirt and pulled it up to make a dress. To add a bit of interest I added a leather belt and rouched the material slightly. Add a hat and it transforms into a beach dress.

Outfit 3

 Leaving it as a midi- dress I added the slouchy blue tshirt and tied it in a knot. I like the fact you can see a little bit of stripe at the neckline as its so low.

Outfit 4

 I turned the skirt inside out, folded it back on itself and then rolled it the right way so it bacame a bubble hem mini. Worn with leggings, tshirt tucked in and belt to disguise the slightly loose fabric.

Outfit 5

This is similar to outfit 3 but I substituted the tshirt for the navy vest. This could also be worn with the blazer and would be quite a comfy casual outfit.

Which is your favourite? I think I like the beach dress but maybe I am just too excited for my holiday!

Alyssa xx


ForeverSweet89 said...

I would say number 4 is my favourite!

Mademoiselle Lala said...

Really nice post. Interesting and useful! :) X

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Sabrina said...

I adore outfit 2! I have a weird love for wearing maxi skirts as dresses though.

Megan said...

Love outfit two, so jealous you can be wearing such summery clothes were just going into winter and its all coats and jumpers.

rose petals said...

They all look good but outfit four is my favourite :) x

Steffen said...

WOW love every outfit!
Your blog is so interesting :) said...

love the way you made five outfits out of this lovely maxi dress! great post!

Ms.Fashionista said...

Love how versatile that skirt is!

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