Thursday, 21 July 2011

A big Thank You to Mary!

I know I havn't blogged for a while as I have been so busy with work. (i work, eat then sleep at the moment) but I just had to send out this message to the lovely Mary at the Mary Poppins blog. I mentioned before I went away that I designed her a new banner for her blog and I just received a lovely parcel of goodies in the post. Everything was individually wrapped and it was really exciting opening them all! I can't believe how generous she was and it really made my day especially as I have been working too hard, so THANK YOU Mary!

I believe in karma, do you?

Alyssa xx


Mademoiselle Lala said...

So nice! :)

I am SO believing in karma! :) X

fayellafairy said...

Awww thats such a lovely thing to do!! xx

Emma said...

Aw, what a lovely surprise! x

Mary Poppins said...

Ah bless you, you are MORE than welcome, you were so very kind to help me out :)) Hope you are well xx