Sunday, 10 July 2011

Post Holiday Make-Up Treat

So after a bewildering day on Friday wandering around the house attempting to unpack (as I didn't get home until nearly 3am!) I felt like have a breath of fresh air and had a couple of hours in town. My first stop was Boots. Just before I went away I threw a lot of old make-up out as most was empty and a few things I like to buy new so they are clean and less likely to react with my skin.
My skin is very sensitive and there are only certain brands which I don't have any issues with and one of my favourites is Max Factor. I have tried a number  of others including Mac (which I had a really nasty reaction to and lasted weeks) but I always go back to Max Factor. I have also started using some No7 and have been really impressed.

There is a 3 for 2 on Max Factor until Tuesday so I though I would get a full range. The only thing I didn't need was mascara as I have just started on the Body Shop one and its perfect for me. Here is what I came home with:

Bronzing Power in 01 Golden £6.99 
This has a lovely shimmer to it and you can build the colour as much as you need. Perfect to retain the post holiday glow. All I need now is a decent brush as mine is a scratchy.
Mastertouch Concealor in 02 Fair
Concealor is my must have product for the hereditary dark under eye circles. This is a shade darker than I normally have because I have come back with a little colour.

Max effect Dip In eyeshadow In Vibrant Turquoise £5.99

This was something I havn't use before but I was drawn in by the little brush, it seemed like it would be easy to use. I also wanted a greeny colour to compliment my eye colour and this was the nearest they had. I tested it out at home and I don't think its as good as hoped but I will keep trying.

Lasting Lip Tint in Pink Princess £7.99
I prefer lip tints to lipsticks or glosses and idea of it being in a pen form intrigued me. Less chance of it spilling in your make-up bag I thought! I picked a bright pink colour (ignore the swatches on the boots website they are nothing like) I almost got the Berry Burst which is very red but stuck with what i know and choose a fuchsia pink.

Max effect Mini Nail Polish in Coral Diva £3.99

This iThis nail polish is such a bargain. I had been looking for a coral colour as I love my mums Barry M one but it chips too much. Max Factor nail polish is usually really hard wearing so I'm hoping this is the same. The colour is much brighter than the picture.

Nailfinity in Crystal Clear £7.99
Finally, a quality clear nail varnish as I was fed up with the Barry M one flaking off after less than a day. Nailfinity is amazing polish which is easy to apply and has a high gloss so I can't wait to see if the clear works just as well.

As it was 3 for 2. I got all 6 items and only paid for 4 and received a free gift which was a make-up bag, nail file, mirror and some samples. A lot more disappointing than their usual gifts but I can't complain at a freebie!

Another beauty item I picked up was the Clinique Moisture Surge. I can't use any moisturisor without breaking out but this stops my face feeling tight and flaky and is oil free. It was £33 for 75ml at the duty free which I thought was quite reasonable.

What have you been buying recently? I promise to post about my holiday but I'm waiting for the cable to copy the photos off first!

Alyssa xx


devorelebeaumonstre. said...

I'm having a giveaway for a $225 Orient Watch if you'd like to check it out. x

Pearl Westwood said...

I love buying new products, I just bought this great L'orial face wash with a scrublet - amazing!!

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

that nail colour is beaaut.

Helen, X

Stephanie said...

Loving the look of that lip tint :)


Mademoiselle Lala said...

Next time find a good deal for Clinique. Usually when you buy two face products, your can get a whole kit of goodies for free! Check out one of my posts some time ago under label Clinique. ;) X

Bow Tied Beauty said...

Great post, would love to try the lip tint!