Monday, 25 April 2011

BBQ OOTD & Wii Fit Challenge

I hope you have all had a great bank holiday weekend. I can't even really remember what I've done but its been very chilled out. Obviously it was Andy's birthday on Saturday so we went out and then last night we had a BBQ at his house to celebrate with his family, I thought it was appropriate to wear something baggy if copious amounts of bbq food were to be consumed so I tried out my new Bench dress over indigo leggings (great colour combo- shame they look black in the picture!)

Dress £10 (reduced from £30)
Blue Vest (just seen) £2 Peacocks 
Indigo Leggings £5 Ebay
Wedges £9 (reduced from £39!) M&S

I also started a wii fit challenge last Thursday. My wii has been gathering dust in the corner for the last 6 months so thought I should actually start using it again. My challenge is to use it for a minimum of 20 mins each day, focusing mainly on core strength (yoga) with a little bit of muscle toning. So far its going really well, I had aching abs for the first 3 days, now my upper arms and thighs ache too as I have been increasing the muscle work outs plus an extra bit of rhythm boxing which is my favourite! Here is how it is going so far as I am tracking everything to see if it makes a difference although I'm not really looking to loose weight just tone up.

                    BMI           Weight          Fitness Age           Time Spent
Day 1            18.92           8. 2                35 (!)                      33 mins
Day 2            18.55           7.13               20                           20 mins
Day 3            18.77           8.1                 22                           22 mins
Day 4            18.88           8.1                 20                           22 mins
Day 5            18.92           8.1                 20                           30 mins

So, as you can see my weight has stayed pretty much consistant and I am classed at the very lower end of the 'ideal' category for BMI. I don't expect to see any real dramatic changes here but I thought it would be interesting to monitor. I will keep you updated with how its going anyway!

Alyssa xx


mixnmatch1 said...

you look fab,love the shoes :)

in love said...

I invite you to follow me:)

From Broadway said...

really like your dress. It's a gorgeous colour1