Sunday, 24 April 2011

Shopping Trip inc. Vivienne Westwood bargain!

Lent ended yesterday so I arranged t go shopping with the boyfriend as he needed some new stuff too! It also happened to be his birthday yesterday so I got him a few extra pressies whilst we were out and even bought him lunch and a thorntons ice-cream! He is very spoilt :) We then went out for tapas in the evening with some friends followed by some slightly drunken bowling which was a great laugh.

Anyway, I was rather disappointed with J32 as everything in the shops seemed to be all winter stuff and there just wasn't much that I was looking for, I did pick up a few bits in the most unlikely shops that I never go in though.

First was these tshirts from Select, rather boring but were 2 for £10 And I needed some new plain tshirts anyway. I got one in light grey and one in a gorgeous cobalt blue, they had loads of colours to choose from. They are a slub cotton so soft and comfy and also quite long too.
I then found these grey pleated chinos in Select, there was one pair left in my size and they look much better in real life, they arn't all baggy like in this pic they are more fitted. The woven belt really doesn't go though, no idea why they put that on but they were only about £12 so you can't go wrong!

Then I spotted this in the Bench dress, its such a gorgeous colour. It will be great to wear with leggings but it can be worn just to throw over a bikini on holiday as its lighweight cotton. It was reduced from £30 to £10, a bargain I couldn't resist.

Finally, I got these beauties, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Melissa 3 strap glitter platforms. There was only one pair left (in my size!) They change colour between purple and blue, when the woman in the shop told me I didn't believe her til I saw it happen when I wore them last night. They also smell weirdly like bubblegum. Complete strangers were stopping me and commenting on how they loved my shoes last night which is always a great feeling. They were on special offer reduced from £115 to £69.99 as they were the last pair. They had my name written all over them.

So that's all for now, let me know what you think!

Alyssa xx

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Joy said...

Hi Alyssa,

All I can think of is 'I'm so jealous!' Yes, it was destined for you alone! Great blog. I'm following you now on Google connect.