Friday, 22 April 2011

Summer OOTD!

As its Good Friday and got the day off I've had a great day just mooching around in the garden, watching the parents build a patio and making a scrap book (which was a little tricky as my my paper kept flying about) I will put up some pics of the pages when they are finished.
This morning I dragged a huge bag of summer clothes out of the loft as I'm hoping to book my summer holiday this weekend and also its such fab weather I can wear some of it. This is what I wore today, I also had my hair cut this morning and I love it!

Purple Oversized Sunglasses £3 Dunnes
Pink Lace and Pearl Vest £6
Polka Dot Culottes FREE Big Wardrobe

Have you brought out your summer clothes yet? Anyway must dash, the BBQ has been lit!

Alyssa xx

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