Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My website has had a make-over!

I havn't updated my blog since Saturday as I have such a busy few days! I spent most of the weekend making new products for my Clarise Cosmetics business and despite being lucky enough to get the Moonfruit website of the day on Friday and subsequently winning a free advert for my site I felt it was looking a bit tired so have spent the last two evenings working on it and I'm really pleased with it!

Here are some of the new products I made at the weekend and have added to my online shop. I made lots of batches of bath bombs including my most popular fragrance, coconut and also new fragrances including these mandarin and berry ones, I have a feeling they will be popular!

Mandarin Bath Bombs

Berry Bath Bombs
I also developed a hemp soap which contains moisturising shea butter and also exfoliating particles of brown sugar which makes it a really effective shower bar. I then created a hemp body scrub and matching body butter as I used to love the hemp scrub I used to use from the body shop!

Hemp Shower Bar
Hemp Scrub
I also made a new soap, I named it 'Mango Grove' and it is a mixture of mango and banana and smells good enough to eat, it also looks like the inside of a mango so will look fab displayed in the bathroom!

The website make-over is now pretty much complete but I will always be changing and updating it to keep it looking exciting but I would love to get some feedback! I am also looking out for beauty blogger who is willing to try a sample selection of my products and do a review on their blog as I am confident they will love it all!

Feel free to contact me

Alyssa xx

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