Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Statement Bag

 I will admit that I'm a bag girl but I certainly don't like nearly every bag, I'm very specific with my tastes! Its important to have a decent handbag as its something you take with you everyday to keep your world possesions safe but it also says a lot about you. I tend to go for black bags and play it safe but I like colourful bags for when I go out. However, I thought it would be interesting to see what day bags I could find in different colours. I realise that msost of these are all rather expensive designer bags but its nice to dream...

I think my favourite has to be the most expensive one; the Mulberry Blue Leather Bag! I also really love the colour of the purple Rebecca Minkoff and seems relatively cheap in comparison. Which one is your favourite?

Alyssa xx

Rebecca Minkoff turquoise handbag
$330 -
Mulberry studded handbag
$1,250 -
Proenza Schouler leather flap handbag
$1,225 -
Rebecca minkoff handbag
$295 -
Marc by Marc Jacobs pouch bag
$460 -
Leather bag
$5,000 -
Marc by marc jacobs handbag
$358 -
Aspinal of London chain bag
395 GBP -
Chloé leather handbag
995 GBP -
Paul s Boutique quilted handbag
50 GBP -

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Beata - IyoboDesign said...

I love bags too, though not so expensive ones. My current favorite is from NewLook, It's black with with stripes. I just love it. But to be honest these days I mostly use our PeppaPig bag on the pushchair, lol.
Beata x